About Layered Movement

Layered Movement is a collaboration between Emily Stratton and Kara Le, two aerial dancers who have trained in a wide variety of physical disciplines. What began as Emily and Kara working to improve themselves evolved into a project aimed at helping other dancers gain the strength, flexibility, and mental toughness to achieve their artistic dreams.

Emily Stratton

Emily has rarely ever stopped moving. Emily has expertise and teaching experience in both martial arts and dance. As child/young adult she was a competitive gymnast whose career ended earlier than expected due to a shoulder injury. Healing from this injury sparked a desire to understand and teach healthy physicality. Dance began as a method of recovery but became a sincere love that resulted in a BA in Dance/Theater from Westmont College. Post grad she decided to combine her love for movement with her desire to help others by becoming a Personal Trainer (ACE) and Flexibility Specialist (ACE). When Emily was finally able to begin aerial training (fulfilling a lifelong dream) she fell even more in love than she thought possible. During her magical time training in Aerial Dance she met Kara. With their powers combined, they have created many beautiful works of art and now, this program!

Kara Le


Kara is a professionally trained educator and passionate about dance and fitness. She spent 10 years studying and dancing Argentine Tango, including 3 of those years teaching. She enjoys running long distance, and has over 10 half marathons under her belt. In 2015, Kara found the world of aerial dance and fell head-over-heels in love. It was here that Kara met Emily, and the two of them together spend all their time either dancing in the air, training, or brainstorming ways to do both.